Design Canvas

An overview of the design process I followed to lead my teams at CIBC/Simplii. Every project (no matter how big or small) included a detailed discovery phase, during which we synthesized all the requirements and identified key insights from research to inform our design strategy.

Moments in a UX Journey

A user’s experience of a product spans a larger timeline than just the moments of direct interaction. Feelings and perceptions can form before the the product is even touched or used and continue to evolve long afterwards.


A quick sketch to explore the UI framework for a tool that helps musicians select song keys and construct original chord progressions.

6 Qualities of “Good” Design

Words like good, beautiful, original, or sophisticated are now considered too vague when they are used to describe the form of a designed object. I decided to update my lexicon with new terminology.

Bayes Theorem

When we discover new evidence, how confident can we be in the accuracy of our original beliefs? Bayes Theorem theorem suggests a fascinating way to quantify this probability that our initial beliefs are still valid.